Monday, October 23, 2006


Im feeling bit bored with my current blog's lay-out... It's dull, making me feel lifeless.. SOoo, here comes my new lay-Out... It's not so dull now, or should i say -- colourful? :p Hope it'll cheer me up for the coming future :)

It's the 1st week of hols which gonna last 3 bloody weeks. Just imagine how im gonna spend the rest of it coz i've started to freak out for wondering wat i should do for my whole hols. *yawn*
After wondered around at my "secret garden", i've realised i got plenty of things to do during my long-haul holidays actually...

- finish up the grey's anatomy season 1
- gilmore girls season 5 as well (fall in love with 'em!!)
- newly released japs drama which casting by Shibasaki Kou
- finish up books-reading (the devil wears prada & the whole shopaholic series written by Sophie Kinsella
- dl the songs which i wanted to dl since a long time ago
- yam cha with my secondary frens
- shopping (gosh... sales sales sales everywhere!!)
- watching movie (city of angels starring by Nicholas Cage & the lake house)

and etc.

Erm.. but it seems kinda impossible to finish all of 'em though :D


m!lk_w@y said...

ur blog layout make just abit difference:P...maybe can put more pic la:P

errmm...seems like u got alot of things to do...i hope i can have one of ur things to do...but i dont have any, i think my holiday is much more meaningless than urs:(

Anonymous said...

I dun find ur blog's layout nice dude~ It's still, kind of dull...