Sunday, October 22, 2006

and even contented?

Bac from The Curve. Without Starbucks. Nevermind. Saved up my money then n reduced some calories as well.. So.. wad to do with contented?

Coz i went out yam cha with my frens: yee leng n shou mei at C-Beach cafe at kajang prima. lol. Nice gals to hang out with on a saturday nite =D Chat for so long n we managed "tarik keluar" another of our fren as well which seems SO busy for the whole month. Continued our talk in my house and we had some drink as well. Shou mei's face was so blushed!! And i felt a 'lil dizzy after a couple of drink but it's okay after that. hehe.. Ate kuaji together with the drink and we even played UNO together! some of us got "blur" coz of the drink. Hang out together till almost 3 am.. Damn tired but now am updating my blog...Still..

My bed is calling me now... Am heading to my bed...
Nites.. Or should i say good morning? :p


m!lk_w@y said...

jahatnya...minum alchohol

Anonymous said...

alcohol is good :p
especially with frens..nice

emily said...

milk way: it doesn't mean ppl who drink alcohol is bad n the ppl who din't drink alcohol is good... should not judging ppl on their outlook or something they did..

anonymous: yaa.. AGREE... :p