Tuesday, October 10, 2006

isn't it ironic?

Sometimes just feel that life is so ironic,
there is always so much incongruity between wad is expected,
and wad actually occurs.

It's like rain on ur wedding day,
it's a free ride when u've already paid,
it's a true heart that u've given to but they just treat it like rubbish,
it's a care that u've shown but it's worthless in their eyes,
who would have thought it figures...

It's a traffic jam when u're already late,
it's like ten thousand spoons when all u need is a knife,
it's like meeting ur man of ur dreams,
and then meeting his good looking queer...
isn't it ironic...don't u think?

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on u,
when u think everything's okay and everything's alrite.
Life has a funny of helping u,
when u think everything's gone wrong and everything's screw up.

In the end,
i've found out that wad life did to me is nothing,
but i've learned something from it.

U grieve u learn, u choke u learn,
u laugh u learn, u choose u learn,
u pray u learn, u ask u learn,
u live u learn.


connie said...

oh well, c'est la vie~!! always bear in mind that its YOUR life. live it the way YOU want it ;)

m!lk_w@y said...


but impressive as always