Thursday, October 26, 2006

What a day...

Woke up in the afternoon.. was bit dizzy coz i've slept for 12 hours! hell... never slept for so long for this couple of weeks.. just like a zombie u know.. slept at 3am even i've finished my exam.. sometimes 5am.. imagine that..

Okie.. so after had my lunch, went out to meet half-banana at midvalley.. chose to drive alone instead of Ktm coz the weather was hot.. just sick of it. After we bought our ticket for The Prestige, went MPH coz she wanna find a book. Then we head out to Jusco to have something to eat :D We bought some sushi and Tako too... yam yam... and of coz we bought ice blended mocha at San Francisco and sneak it in to the cinema... talking of mocha, it's damn cheap man.. buy one free one!! 16 bucks for two! So, forget about high calories, just enjoy the drink!

About the movie, not bad though. Hugh Jackman was the charming one and Scarlet Johansson was gorgeous :D The story was in a non-chronological method which sometime quite confusing. The ending was quite predictable as some hints'd given in the movie, but u gotta observe those carefully.

Noticed a black velvet cardigan in MNG... Damm nice le wei... but it cost around 140 bucks :(
argh... not really expensive BuT... i have no enough money to buy it.. for now la. aihs.. run out of cash le... *sigh*

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