Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's day

It was kinda awesome for spending my valentine's day with my sis and friend. Went to Midvaley [again] after having dinner at home, accompanied my dearly sis for a short shopping session, then had a drink at coffeebean - The Ultimate (but I thk the one that I had at Genting was much yummier :p) Anyway, was planning to go Chilis but then there were fully booked. Sigh. Nachos and molten chocolate fly away already :( And the Blueberry cheesecake from coffeebean was just so-so only. Seeing those couples walking in the mall had made no impact on me, cause I was holding my sis's arm :p *warm*

I looked so much darker :((

We had been talking for hours from the mall back to home. 3 of us kept talking about the clothes, boots, and everything! It was nice :) *huggies to both of ya!*


Sorry to someone for what I've did. For kept you waiting.


Holiday is starting soon. Gonna spend my holiday at home :(
Shopping, anyone? :p Anyway, wish you guys have a happy holiday.

p/s: going to Midvaley [again -_-"] tomorrow. Shopping time lol

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