Monday, February 19, 2007

It's Chinese New Year

Hohoho... Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! May you guys be healthy always and may it be a properous year ahead!! Speaking of chinese new year, you can obviously see red everywhere. Shopping malls, on the road, everywhere. Every house has been decorated mostly with red lantern, angpaos, everything red. But not mine. Well, no angpaos for me this year. Nothing red. But nevermind, at least got some money from parents and grandpa. It's enough then :)

Day one of CNY started with a simple breakfast with the whole family. Mum said she dreamt of grandma and grandma was having meal in the dining room with her friends. Happy Chinese New Year, grandma :)

Had a l o n g nap after breakfast which I realised it's nearly 2pm after I opened my eyes and glanced at the clock. Lunch was veggie and it was yummilicious. Went to Midvaley [again] after that cos mum said wanna catch up a movie whilst we can fetch sis on our way back. I was stunt when I saw the super-long queue up at the ticket counter. Apparently there's a lot of people spending their new year at KL. They should balik kampung or go visit their relatives greeting "Gong Hei Fatt Choi" instead of parading in the mall so I could spend my lonely new year there peacefully [physically and mentally] :p Well, I said physically cos there were so many people around me and that's really annoying and making me feeling really dizzy. Mentally cos I've seen so many ah-beng and la-la moi around me with their "amazing costume" on, and that's mentally torturing me. [knee length socks with pink and black stripes?? whats THAT?!] Sorry, I'm not offended but just couldn't help for saying so.

Back to topic. After waited for 45 minutes, at last I got myself to buy the tickets. The tickets for Ghost Rider has been sold out for the 7pm session. So I bought the tickets for Lady Iron Chef, a Hong Kong comedy. I know, I've wasted my money, no I should say my parents' money for watching another aimless Hong Kong movie produced by Wong Jing. I wanted to watch Music And Lyrics starring by Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant but Hey I've got no choice cos there's no point for bringing my two lil' brother watching love comedy in a cinema rite? Sigh. How mou lei tao [pointless] the movie is, of cos I mean Lady Iron Chef.

Was planning to have dinner at Chopstik Noodles House but when we reached there, my sis who was the hostess told us they were fulled house, obviously occupied with people and no sit for us. And so we left. Lil' brother wanted to eat KFC... [nightmare] Chicken chicken chicken... *shake head*

after movie. Had The Ultimate again with my sis. Well seems like we both have already addicted to caffeine and we couldn't stop thinking of having it if we knew there's a coffeebean or starbucks not far away from us. Having said that, The Ultimate that we had back in Midvaley was not so tasty as the barista there seems so stingy for putting more blended beans in the drink cos we MERELY bit/munched and noticed any blended coffee beans in it! Hell. It's like the ordinary mocha that I had in San Francisco Coffee or Starbucks so why you just named it The Ultimate afterall??

I try to say and convince myself what a happy chinese new year I have.


Q said...

Thanks, your blog is interesting as well! I'm just trying to spread some Asian awareness. =D 祝你新年快乐!

Anonymous said...

the lady iron chef...seems like quite nice......

chinese new year ma...must watch chinese movie:P