Friday, September 05, 2008


Yay.. Finally I have mood to update the blog.. I think probably because I can have some peace of mind for now. My lecturer just visited me for site visit today. It was great except I sucked up during presentation. Haha. Was nervous to think twice of what I was talking about (It could be better.sad. oh well) - as the my lecturer is The Mr. Omar.(I was like omg when I found out he's my academic advisor). But anyways, he is one of the best lecturer I have ever encountered with; attending his class is very interesting. And he seems like knows EVERYTHING. Seriously.

But anyhow, my Head of Department and my supervisor really saved me. They're the best heee ;p

Oh and I just text-ed him to thank him for coming over, and guess what, he said something nice it made my day =))))

I am so happy haha. But how la, so many outstanding pics and posts....

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Peter said...

Some nice words now and then is what you need! What could I say...? It was nice of you to (finally) post again! :-)