Monday, September 15, 2008

I've been missing you guys!

After having 3 months + of working life, finally it comes to an end. Now I am enjoying (sort of) a 2 months' break and kicking my ass to work on my internship report. It was fun to hang out with some friends who I have been missing of. My birthday was not happening at all but I was glad that I still have my dear accompanying me through out the day (Skype is the best). Thanks for your prezzie and the flowers, and come back soon! Miss you! :(

And of course, my dear friends... Teresa and Billy =)

We went to Donrae, a Korean restaurant in Hartamas. Nice!

My lovely cousin.. Yee Wen :) at Sushi Groove (no second time, please!)

Me :) eating curry katsu don but it was pretty ___ [insert :( word of your own]

My ex-piano teacher.. We still hang out from time to time. =)

... And.. I would like to thank those who have msg-ed / facebook-ed me for wishing me... =)

Till then!


Peter said...

Sorry, if I missed "something"! Anyhow, you seem to have enjoyed some nice moments... eating, drinking, friends, gifts...!

You will now have no excuse for not blogging more regularly! :-))

Teapot Rika said...

Girl, Happy belated birthday~!

Sushi Groove really that bad? I like its Unagi don ler. >.<

Emily Lin said...

Peter: It's alright my dear ;) I will have another reason for not to blog more regularly, very soon. You'll know later! =))

Rika: Thanks for the wish! ;)) For Sushi Groove, maybe the food that we ordered that day was not that good; the sushi only so-so and mine was *ahem* drained in curry. They should separate the curry with the rice. The udon was ok though.=) If I got a chance to go bac there, I shall try the unagi don then ;)