Friday, May 18, 2007

What's life all about?

Life is just like a journey on a boat,
the moment we get inside it,
we just don't know where are we heading to,
when is the end of the day of our journey.

We just keep looking ahead,
keep looking ahead and praying hard,
that our sailing to the Neverland is going to be exciting,
just wonderfully amusing,
but not letting you down.

There might be some climax of your life,
where you know you are engaging yourself into these,
and you're scared,
but feeling excited.

You're scared that you couldn't bear the pressure,
you're scared you couldn't bear the heightness,
right when the boat is going up the Hill,
the Hill which you could hardly see the culminate.

When the cloud has faded away,
now you can see clearly,
where you are, exactly.

"Hey.. wait a minute.. I'm at the climax now, am I?"

Right on the next second,
the boat has gotten you to the lowest point of the sea level.
You just hardly breath.

You wanted to,
but just couldn't manage to get any air.
You're suffocating..
to death.

I need some fresh air now. I just don't want to be alone. At least there's someone who's sitting behind me, on the boat.


Peter said...

What a wonderful poem and the symbolic picture!!!

You did not quote any author. Is it you? If so, impressed, amazed...!!!

Emma said...

truly lovely poem and post. agree with peter, if that's you, SO IMPRESSED!

derrik dyka said...

I liked your site so I added you to the mybloglog love train. I hope you can keep it going. See

Peter said...

Still waiting for the answer to my question.

Emily Lin said...

Peter: sorry for the late reply. Just finished my 3rd paper. And still 2 more to go. Yea, that was written my me, yours truly :) It's nuts compared with other amazing blogs out there :p

And thanks for all of your comments! :D

Peter said...

I think it's great!!!

ah yuan said...

Emily, you will always have your family and friends to sit behind the boat with you.

At least I will! ^_^

Teo said...

Wah you wrote it? *bows*

Never know that you can be so 'poetic'. Nice one =D

Good luck on your exams btw.

Carolina Lange said...

Beautiful words! And that picture is perfect what you wrote! Great post!

Peter said...

Can we please get some more of your poems!

Emily Lin said...

Peter: Thanks for your lovely comment. Usually I'll write when the feeling of melancholy is haunting me. Or maybe I have the urge to write something suddenly. :D

Yuan: Thanks! You are really sweet!! :D

Teo: I just simply wrote it. I'd posted something like that before. Just that you didn't read mah :p

Carolina: Thanks! :)

Will write anything after finishing my exams. 2 more to go. Gtg now, I'm running out of time. See ya! =D

Peter said...

Hope you have soon finished with your exams!

Mash said...

you're really apt for write beautiful poems and I think there is always be someone who's sitting beside you ...

parisian cowboy said...

lovely, that's true.

Emily Lin said...

No, Peter. Still one more to go! But tomorrow I'll be free!! :D

Mash: Thanks :) So sweet of you.. :D

Parisan Cowboy: Geez. Thanks for the comment :) and thank you again for stopping by.

F.M. said...

lovely poem - how brave of you to share!

ym said...


emily... i will sit behind u in the boat... erm wait... mayb in front will be better? at least i can block off some of the wave for u?

Emily Lin said...

f.m: Thanks for stopping by! :)

ym: Thanks.. You're so sweet :)