Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy birthday to me.

I'm officially 21 years old now. *older*

Happy birthday, Em.

It's the worst birthday I've ever had. You see. Now it's 3.42 in the morning, and I'm still sitting here doing the f*ucking assignment, trying hard to open my half-dead eyes. This is so not cool. Not only that, I'm now feeling sick because of the excessive 'dose' of chocolate I ate just now. I am such a chocolate freak. Eh. As a result of that, of course I'm having sore throat now. Duh. I shouldn't have been eating so much chocolate. But what to do, it makes me feel SO good.

Oh well.



Peter said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Emily!!!!! Despite all!

I'm so happy to see you back!! So, it was no "goodbye", just an "au revoir"!

I also just had too much chocolate, but I'm afraid my not so nice voice rather comes from too many cigarettes! Here, it's now (only)1:43 in the morning and I should be in bed, but I just had to see if there was something new from you! Good! Now I can get a better sleep!

Mandy said...

sweet 21
now you get the key to the door

that's an old tradition which I'm sure has died the death here when kids are no longer kids and feel grown up by 18 if not even younger.

what's the "coming of age" time in your tradition?

happy birthday

voch said...

Well I hope the assignment is all done and the sore throat is all gone by now. You can now celebrate! ;) Happy 21st birthday and may you have a whole lots of great fun. All the best in life too! Cheers

Emily Lin said...

Peter: Thanks for the wish! :) Don't worry, I'll be fine =) Oh, you're a fan of chocolate too? It's heavenly right! :D Now I can't get a better sleep because I'm sick now. Well, too many of chocolate.

Mandy: Yea. We have that tradition too. So, I had the key to the door now! lol *sort of because I have one pendant(key) hanging over my neck :D

Voch: Still one more assignment to go. *sigh* I'm still sick now - sore throat and flu just ain't do me any good. :(( Thanks for the wishes and cheers~

keeyit said...

Hi Emily,

Sorry I am late. Happy Belated Birthday to you. Hope your dreams come true.

|**Hug**| Both of us are virgo.