Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A big big wish!

A Big Big wish to....

*drum rolls*

Jasmyin!! My dearie housie!! ;))

Happy 21st birthday~!! Wish you will be pretty and happy and cheering and bubbling always!!



Wannabe Economist said...

Her birdthday is just slightly later than yours huh? Happy b'day to your houzie btw =) And happy mooncake festival =)

Peter said...

I would be happy to also transmit my best wishes, but of course she doesn't know me!

Emily Lin said...

Wannabe economist: yea. Slightly later but not that slightly. lol. Happy mooncake festival to you, too! =)

Peter: No worries. I'll help you to drop her the wishes! :)

Darren said...

Happy birthday and wish all the best to ur fren eventhough i dunno her haha.., GUD luck then.