Thursday, September 20, 2007

Of daydreaming and rambling about anything

If you had seen the real Emily Lin, the words that you could probably think of for describing her would be - anything but ordinary, oh-it's-just-so-normal, or maybe geez-please-get-her-a-change. Well, if only I could think of any suitable word to describe it - I think I've got one now. Which is a BIG capital "D" or "B".


I know, I have always been showing up with a t-shirt and a jeans with a pair of sandal (or you might be seeing me substituting the jeans with a folded-jeans shorts pairing with a pair of flip-flops). Okay, I will dress up occasionally (which is really rare), putting up some feminine-like top (with a softer and lighter texture which is no good for me at all, cos I've put some weight on), but dressing in such a way just making me feeling duller than ever. Be it the casual look or the latter look.

So now I've started to daydreaming again - daydreaming about what should I be wearing on the next hour, going out for some drinks with couple of friends in a well-decorated and warmed ambiance bar.

Should I stop telling you that I should be studying now already? *final exam is just one week away!! Grrr..*
Just a short rambling about what is in my mind now.

I'm gonna say it's all about Topshop. Not that I'm a Topshop fanatic or because of London (please don't ask me why I like it, it's reasonless), but I was just browsing through their collection and found out that some interesting outfits that I'd LOVE to have.

First of all, I'd like to take off my red-framed glasses which I've been wearing for years and replace it with dark-browned contact lens instead. Despite having the same bob hair-cut, it would be interesting if I had a bangs to cover my forehead up.

And so the transformation has begun!

Firstly, I'd rather not being too dramatic so I would just replace my top with a designer t-shirt by Ann Sofie Back (featured under "The Boutique" of Topshop). What has drawn my eyes on it is the belt - it's being tied and sticked on the shirt and I think it has made the shirt more unique to a certain extent.


Then, I'd paired it with a double pocket bubble hem skirt (£28.00), also from Topshop. I personally think that the wool texture and a bit of fluffy cutting would cover up my growing hip quite well (or non?). What's your idea then?

Here comes the high square toed shoes. And I think it's KEWL alrite!


And a bag would finally finish the look. A cool vintage large stitch satchel which I have always been dreaming of.


Or this. A small cross body bag with buckle detail, 100% Polyurethane.


You might be saying and being sarcastic," Oh Em, this is so-not-you!"

Now, it might be the money matters for holding me up, and probably the opinions of what the people around think about me. Ya, I hate to say this, but sometimes it's something that I would mind about.

But of course, I will wear what I want to wear in future if only I could have the enough $$ to spend on.

Heh, I told you it's going to be a short rambling. :D *runs away*


narrowband said...

I imagine if you had enough moolah with you (and also don't have exams coming up), you'd have gone to the nearest Topshop and satisfied your shopping desire ;)

Topshop and I don't complement each other because their price tags turn me off ;(

Darren said...

Huh... Gud luck for ur finals, anyway u still look in a gud mood to do ur shopping. i already many weeks didn't go for shopping or travel around due to assignment. Anyway thanks for dropped me a comment. anyway do u mind to exchange links? Gud luck

Peter said...

I liked so much your outfit until now; simple and nice!

OK, if you want to make a try (efter the exams, of course), do it - and SHOW US!

You seem to have a problem with the haircut. Often changing. Tough! Easier to be a man!

I guess we will hear from you again before the exams? Hope so, at least a small word.

Emily Lin said...

Narrowband: Probably I will if I did more part-time job lol. Well, Topshop and I don really complement each other, too. But they turn me on :p

Darren: Actually I didn't do any shopping. I just wrote some junk saying about what I wanted to wear. Me too already weeks or maybe months didn't go for shopping. Good luck in ur exam too.:)

Peter: Hey Peter! Thanks for ur sweet compliment. I do want to make a try, but I think I should raise up a little "donation fund" in my blog before that and probably I would have enough $ to get some eh? :p I'm dead broke lol.

cotton candy said...

those shoes, oh those shoes!!

Peter said...

If you give your bank references, I'm sure the money will flow in!

Peter said...

Back once more, just to say how happy I am to see you back here and also for you nice comments on my blog today! Nice weekend!!

Emily Lin said...

Cotton Lady: Those shoes!! :D

Peter: Are you sure that is going to happen if I put my bank references or a "Donate Paypal" in my blog? LOL. Anyway, have a nice weekend and sweet family time with your grandaughter and family! :)

miss *ann said...

loving the crossbody bag.

Aisha said...

those corssed petite bags are to die for!