Sunday, September 09, 2007

Missing in action and pondering over the truth of life.

Why can't anyone against the rules of nature? I just so HATE it now - for being helpless.

I wish my life can be shorten for 10 years or even more to keep my loved ones healthy always, not watching him in suffer for anything.

I'll be away from everything. Just for a while. Or even longer.



voch said...

The ugly truth of life, we often hate it but we still have to face it. Don't hate yourself aite, take care out there.


Peter said...

Sometimes life is tough, but please change the "goodbye" to an "au revoir" and be back soon!

Take care and "à bientôt"!!! I want to see you happy again and I want to see your happy face on your blog!

keeyit said...

This is my first time here. And I see GOODBYE..

I hope to see you again here.