Friday, August 03, 2007

Jumping all the way

Lately, I can't help myself from falling in love with jumping. According to my dear sister, jumping will make you feel REALLY good. It's awesome!! And god, I'm so addicted to it now.

Today I went to Putrajaya just for the sake of jumping. WAIT.. of course NOT!

Anyway, I did jump at Putrajaya for like, xx times of jumping up and down and kept trying to jump with a decent gesture movement, but failed eventually. =.=

[Notice that my hair looked EXACTLY the same as the flying flags, don't you think so?? >.<"" ] After 15 minutes of jumping, I asked my sister to join me. We put the camera on the floor and shot our jumping motion by using self-timer. *Happiness!!* 2 people jumping happily, hilariously, continuously! =) So toSo guys, pls just ignore the silly-smiley expression of me. [my hair looked EXACTLY the same prevent you guys from getting insomnia tonight, I'm just gonna "reveal" 2 of the LEAST terrifying photos.

Most of the pictures we've got are all hilarious. You can see our hair flying, uncontrolled + funny face expression which caused by the uncontrolled attraction of gravity. I know you're laughing now. I know. PLEASE STOP THAT.

My sis had taken some portraits of me, too. I couldn't think of anything except by showing my blank expression nonstop to the camera. You can just ignore these photos. :p

Anyway, It's time to take some time off cos it's holiday now after all! :) I'm going to spend a few days at Penang starting Sunday with sis and friends. Let's hope I will not be gaining any extra weight. I have had enough of that already. Oh well. See you guys on Tuesday!



Emma said...

Heh, I love these photos! You look like you're having so much fun.

Peter said...

I also REALLY like these photos!! I can imagine the fun you had!

Axcording to the "jumping photos" you don't have any overweight, and if you continue jumping like that, I believe there is no risk! So, just relax, eat and drink and have some nice days off!!!

Mandy said...

jumping jeshosophat as we used to say in my gymslip days

cotton candy said...

oh wow. you make me want to go jumping on a large trampoline!! =D

cotton candy said...

btw i love the name of your blog. ^^

Peter said...

Tuesday you said; now it's Wednesday! Still jumping?

Emily Lin said...

Mandy: I jump whenever I want to.. :P

cotton candy: You should! It feels darn good!! =)

Peter: Well, I've just started writing the Penang post! Not jumping! So stay tuned! ^.~

milkway said...

nowadays people dare not go to putrajaya rumors chinese vampire jumping there:P