Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V'Day

I've got back home yesterday evening and my parcel was there, on the table. =)

So I opened it.. and I smiled :)
限定品 ヘリテージ ストライプ フライト バッグ
It's beautiful ;)

Thank you, babe. I like it very much ;)

I <3 the card you made. It's really sweeeeet :)

I'm a happy Em. and I just need to hang on for one more week! just one more! =)

Happy Valentine's Day for couples and Happy Single Awareness Day for the singles! ;)


keeyit said...

So happy to see you receive the gift..

happy valentine day..

Peter said...

Happy to see you happy! My best Valentine wishes!

cotton candy said...

ahh you lucky thing!! ^^ happy valentines day!!

narrowband said...

That's really sweet. As for V's day or SAD, I fall in the latte category :(

By the way, "Can't love you any less" is wrongly used here... I suppose you were meaning the opposite!