Monday, February 18, 2008

Excuses of not blogging

I just noticed my updates have reduced "dramatically" from 20 posts a month back then, to minimum of 2 posts a month! What have happened to me? Of course, I have a brief list of reasons why I haven't been updating my blog in a timely manner. (who would be bothered, anyway?-_-" )

  • I've lost the motivation to write about my not-so-happening life after reading so many amazing bloggers out there who have been writing about things that 101% more interesting than mine.
  • Studies- Few assignments and presentations in less than 2 months time and I've been spending time to find some journal and reading them. Other than that, doing tutorials whenever I can. (at least I'm trying to work out with that. So I'm not totally a lazy bump)
  • Knitting - That's the "secret project" that I've been working on. It's not a secret anymore as I foolishly continued knitting when I was chatting over skype with someone and turning on my webcam at the same time, without realizing I actually DID.
  • There are quite a few series that I've seen lately, while busy knitting the scarf. (I'm good in multi-tasking, especially in this kind of stuff which is normally not a good practice) Let see, what series I've watched? I've done watching Ugly Betty (season 2), Gossip Girls, Cashmere Mafia (Ep 6 is out now! *exciting ), Project Runway Canada (still 2 episodes to go! a nice show which has caused me dreaming about becoming an awesome designer), Nodame Cantabile (a J-dorama which I have to admit, I'm still yet to finish watching it. It's a nice show for laughing out loud, tho.), and last but not least- the infamous Japanese anime - Bleach! Yes, I do watch Bleach cos Kurosaki is SO cool.

The 4 gorgeous lady in Cashmere Mafia and I'm loving Lucy Liu the most ;)

The coolest guy ever- Kurosaki! (I still have more than 100 ep to finish. Argh I'm so slow.)
  • If only I can stop myself from sitting in front of the calender and counting the days down, then I should have more time to be spent on updating my blog. But you see, I can't wait for this coming Saturday. It's all because of him coming back =) I can feel the way he holds my hand as we fall asleep again. All of those littlest things that make me smile :))
  • Laziness. (well, this is probably the most truthful!)
I should stop giving lame excuses. I will try to be better at regular updates. I promise. Unless something else comes up to.


Peter said...

Honest and good that you mentioned "laziness" as the major excuse! Come on! ... and when the scarf is finished, try to increase to at least onece a week (to start with). Miss you a lot!

Anonymous said...

I liked reading your post this morning (19th).

GMG said...

Laziness is a quite good excuse, but we miss your posts and comments anyhow...

teApot rika said...

Reading other bloggers' blogs (especially those with very-happening-life) make me lost my blogging mojo also... >___<

hey hey, you watch Project Runway? where you watch? I love this show so so much ler wei. Btw, Gossip Girl nice ah?

and one more thing, your life is better than mine, really! chill~~~and blog more! I love reading your post.=)