Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tagged: Are you face chemical free?

Tagged by the lovely Rika.. lol actually I was somewhat "self-recommended" to do this though.. (Rika, know what I mean rite? ;p) It took me almost a month to write this? I guess?


Sorry for the hiatus. I haven't been updating much, which is the stuff that I do always, since like.. ages ago. Not that I've been busy, just that I've been spending time on other activities - learning French (which is very interesting, but confusing at times), playing with my friend's doggie (which named Oolong Tea in chinese - SO cute!) if I have free time in between classes, and of course, checking out YouTube vids when I'm back at home. (guess what kind of vids I've been watching?)

Anyways, crap aside... Back to the title, my answer is no, of course ;p If I were face chemical free, I guess I'll be having like 50 zits on my face and super big pores that cannot be covered even with the thickest makeup...Okay that sounds a little bit awful and scary :/

So here's my "chemical treatment" for my face.. To be honest, I couldn't finish using ALL of them - I'm lazy to apply/use some of them most of the time. *guilts* Sorry for the sucky picture quality..Anyways, just my two cents about some of the products I use:

From left to right:
Loreal Gentle Makeup Remover : Pretty good quality to remove the waterproof eye makeup. Great deal with a low price. Comparable to Lancome's.

Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser: Only use it to remove makeup if I have no choice. Dislike the minty/tinkling feeling when using it. It burns my skin literally and makes my skin become reddish.

ZA Cleansemax: It has been my good 'ol makeup remover for a couple of years. It's ok for my very sensitive skin. But, most of the time I would use it TWICE to make sure there's no makeup residue on my face.

DHC Cleansing Oil: This is my Holy Grail! With 2 or 3 pumps, I gently spread this on my dry face and massage my face thoroughly including my eyes (yes!) in circular motion. After 30 secs, I just wet my hands and massage my face again for a while before washing my face with water. Guess what, ALL my makeup gone after the rinsing and my skin doesn't feel that oily (it's olive oil base)! Love it!! Anyways, I'd wash my face with my gentle wash soap to make sure it's 100% clean, although it is already 99% clean (almost) after using DHC. The only thing I dislike about is the texture, which is a bit thick to spread out on the face. But still, it is great!

Apricot Invigorating Scrub: Love this scrub. It is very gentle and doesn't irritate my skin. After using it, my skin always feel soft. Bye bye dead skin cells. And it smells SO good.

Himalaya Neem Face Pack: It is a clay mask with tiny particles to it. Tried once and it's OK.

Clinique 7 day Scrub Cream: I doesn't really like the chemical smell. And I think the texture is too thick for my liking. It feels coarse on my skin. Yikes. I wouldn't fork out RM85 (probably more now) to buy such a scrub.

Ettusais Acne Gentle Wash: It is pretty gentle for oily skin but yet it cleans very well. I just discovered the correct method for using it lol. *blush* and I love it even more after that. Still new in package as you can see - just stocking up as I'm almost done with the current one. Affordable as the Clinique's face soap (again, chemical smell) but I like the Gentle Wash more. I still have whole bar of Clinique which I used for a while couple of years ago :/

Ettusais Acne Skin Version Up: I use it as a moisturizer after toner, although the correct sequence of it should be before using toner. Oh well, I just stick to what I'm comfortable with lol. It seems very moiturizing and hydrating when I applied it on the face, BUT it didn't seem to "absorb" into my skin, if you get what I mean.

Ettusais Whitening Essence: I haven't really used it continuously so I wouldn't say it's useless. Anyways, my skin tends to get dry when I use whitening stuff.

Ettusais Aqua Shooter: I treat this as a toner. It works pretty good, I think. My excess sebum is gone when using it but it wouldn't dry my skin out. I just finished using one :)

Ettusais Nightime Defense: I use it after applying all my skincare by applying the powder on my face, especially my T-zone. With the ultra fine powder particles, it is claimed to prevent and treat acne, suppress and smoothen out rough skin, and seal in moisture. Still in package as I haven't done with the sample yet. I haven't noticed much result, but I would say my skin feels silky soft after applying it.

Some New York Skin Solution's products - soothing gel & cream, beauty cream, moiturizer & eye gel which I'm lazy to talk about lol.

Random masks which I've got from bf and one from Ettusais. I'm lazy in the whole mask-thing.

Lastly.. my makeup collection.. wouldn't say a collection though as it's hardly a collection -__- Anyways, here's what I use:

Some MAC products:
Prep+Prime: It doesn't work on my skin and my makeup tends to fade and gets real oily after few hours. Seriously, don't buy this base from MAC. Not going to repurchase it.

Select Cover-Up: I use it to conceal my zits and under-eyes circle and it's been working out pretty well. A little goes a long way so I was wondering if I could finish using it up before the expiry period due.

Studio Fix Fluid Foundation: I'm a NC30-35 now but I got the NC40 when I was tanned :( So my skin would look abit tanned than it should be after applying it. As a result, I just got myself a Revlon Colorstay (Sand Beige) which appeared fairer on my skin (argh). I should have bought the Golden Beige instead. Anyhow, Studio Fix gives good coverage but I don't really like it for daily use.

Loose/Blot Powder: Very fine texture to be used to set my makeup. Reduce my skin oilyness as well.

Mineralised Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle: It's a highlighter for my cheek or part of my face. Lightly apply it and it adds a "glow" to your skin. Love. But be careful that it'll sort of enlarge your pores if you simply apply too much on your face. Not pleasant looking.

Blushes: First off, the Dollymix from MAC. It looks pretty scary in the pan but it's lovely when you apply it lightly on your cheek. It will leave a hint of sheer candy pink on your apple:) Another one is from Lancome which I rarely use. It has a peachy undertone to it which contains gorgeous tiny gold shimmer. It is pretty but just doesn't show up well on my skintone. Would be gorgeous on lovelies with pale/fairer skintone. (anyone interested in buying? wondering to sell it off with cheaper price. Used 3x. Let me know..)

Some eyeshadow & paint pot from MAC and Silkygirl: I wouldn't say much about this as I have very less eyeshadow :( Now waiting for my 88 palette from Coastal Scents!(whee)

Benefit Dr. Feel Good: Another makeup base. I bought it last year, I think? And I haven't used it more than 5 times cos one of my close friend literally borrowed it since one year ago. I just got it back from my friend lol. Craps aside, I prefer this over the Prep+Prime. It is claimed to "minimize" your pore and act as a makeup base for a fresh look. I don't really like the smell though, but it's still acceptable.

Ettusais Zero Pore Coat: It's a makeup base as it claimed. But I use it to cover (reduce) my pores even without wearing any makeup. I love this because it also controls and reduces the oilyness of my skin. The texture is very light too, which is lighter than the Dr. Feel Good. Half of the price of Dr. Feel Good, of course the same goes to the amount of the product. (probably less than half)

Lipgloss/Lipstick: NYX Mega Shine (Smokey Look). NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia and Honey. It's good and dirt cheap (around RM11 for lipstick and RM20 for lipgloss after shipping and etc). Read on the reviews of other bloggers/YouTubers. And a peeachy Shu Uemura lipgloss. Oh Chanel's lipgloss is good but it's a tad too pricey. Any other recommendation?

Chanel Blanc Essentiel Compact Foundation: It will make your skin appear appear fairer, but in a good way of course. Use it when I'm in a rush, after I started using liquid foundation.

Eyeliners: MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil, Silkygirl Funky Eyeliner (Olive Green & Silver - I don't know why I got the silver lol). The Silkygirl's are pretty good deal considering the price of it.

In my opinion, the Fasio's mascara is pretty good BUT very difficult to wash off, even with your eye make-up remover. Takes more than one day to go off. Not cute.

Eyelash curler from Shu Uemura is my HG. Got it for like RM35 (if not mistaken) which is a good deal. I heard that it retails for around RM50? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Kate Eyebrow Kit: It takes me 2 mins to draw my eyebrows. So easy to work with. *thumbs up

Some face brushes and eye brushes. The big fluffy face brush from TBS is soooo soft.

OK, gotta stop here cuz I've got lazy to continue typing. Till then!

Randomness: See the cute pinky storage box/makeup case?.. or whatever you call it. Cute, no? It's a free gift from ettusais during my previous haul :) love it but yet to use it.

PLMK if you're doing this tag! I'd love to read it! =)


Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Peter said...

Thanks for all advice... but I will still continue to use just soap ... and sometimes some shaving cream! :-)

Je peux commenter en fran├žais maintenant?

Emily Lin said...

Peter: Soap and shaving cream are the fundamental items for men! Oui, d'accord! Mais je ne connais pa tout commenter en fran├žais. *not sure if I write it correctly* Anyway I'd love to learn more from you :)

Rika said...

Sure, I got what you mean.(referring to your question on the 1st paragraph). xD

I've been waiting this post for ages and finally... HAHA. Hey, you've written it even more details and neat than mine *thumbs up*! Omg, you have such a great amount of products ler, so good~!*envy*

Hey, I'm so tempted to buy the DHC Cleansing Oil considering the great review from you! Hmmmm, is it pricey? >.< and and, I was planning to buy the Himalaya Neem Face Pack as well. Think that now I'm more determined to get it already. hehe

And and, I'm feel like trying Ettusais Aqua Shooter as I could hardly find a real good toner which I wont feel sticky after applying... hmmm, should I get this? *crossing fingers*

As for makeup, I'm impressed of the amount of makeup that you own! cos I seldom see you (I mean through photos, cos we didn't meet)with much makeup on the face?but still, you'd look good everytime. haha. Hey, I'm interested to the blush from Lancome that you're intended to sell! YET, it's been quite some times that I quit using 'compact blushes', and stick with tint. Anyway, would like to try this. hahaha. *confusing*

BENEFIT~!*my love* Is the Dr. feel good really feel good? haha. I seem to interested in every products...but sadly, I'm too poor. T.T

Most of the time, I would skip using foundation as I'll feel hot whenever I put on foundation. And I'm so lame when it comes to eyeshadow and eyebrow!I will possibly spoil the whole thing. You get what I mean? aiks...

Besides, I didn't apply any eye gel/cream/whatsover for my eyes!!! I shouldn't have neglected this part, right? Any nice eye gel to recommend? hehe

OMG! I know I know! My comment is a little too LONG!Omg!soweee~~~but I really can't help, I just feel like sharing all these with you? okok, I know most of it are question from me to you. haha.

LASTLY, I really enjoy reading this post!!! Tagged post is really fun indeed! haha *wink wink*

Peter said...

Just wanted to come back here once more and congratulate you for your perfect French, commenting on my blog! I hope we cotinue with the French "lessons"! :-))

Anonymous said...

WHOA~! i am impressed~!

what's DHC btw? oh, and you got me interested with the aqua shooter aka toner, but wont be buying because i have a bottle of estebel's illuminating toner to last me forever @.@

Rika, your comment is as long as a post shud be... LOLz~!

Shawn said...

I bought Himalaya Neem Face Pack and thought it was a facial cleanser. =.=" .....I dun even know what is it for until I read this post !! lol