Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy 2009?

First off, Happy New Year to everyone. So any resolution for a better year ahead?

This is a post of random rant over. Stop reading if you want.



I am just tired of repeating words when I really mean it but no one listening to them.

Most of the time people just won't be appreciative enough for what other people have done for them. What they do is: they ask for more, without practically "asking". You, on the other hand, being taken advantage without proper credits didn't really mind of that in the beginning, but become pissed off eventually. Yes, although you have been tolerating for all these shits for so long.

I am so glad that I am going to a far away land in less than one week. And I can keep all these shits away from my eyesight.

What a good news is that, huh.


Peter said...

Yes, Happy New Year, despite the "shit"!

On the way to Japan? (... not to Paris?)

Peter said...

... and I forgot to add: No, I made no resolutions (which I will not keep anyway) this year!

Sabrina Lin said...


Shawn said...

New Year resolution, stop worrying so much!

Where is that far away land?

Emily Lin said...

Peter: I made no resolution either (as I will not keep as well haha). I wish I could go Paris! (hence the French learning, I guess?) Anyway I'm feeling better now, less of shit lol.

Shawn: Great resolution for you eh? What have you been worrying about anyway? oh for the faraway land, you'll'll know lol

Peter said...

You know, you don't have to be perfect in French to come here! You can come any time!