Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Went yam cha with my frens at nite and it was a really nice place expecially for couples. Not bad for a bunch of frens thou for craping lah. It's cosy and yet we can view the whole nite scene of KL. It has a look up point and several cafe around the area. I have no idea what's the name is but i thk it's called "ngam nga san" (in cantonese). Thanks to my crazie yamcha's kaki. We would not got the chance to pay a visit there if he didnt ask us for tea :D
Well, in short, it was a great nite. Regretted cos didn't bring along my digital cam :/


Oh well, again...
Know that im not as lucky as others.
This is what had happened on me this BeingLuckyJustNotYourType gal...

I saw my fren's entry and found out that he's goin to Holland. I was hopping and jumping (technically) cos i tot i could ask him to help me buy the cute Holland Shoes... even a keychain of it will favour me alot :)

Then after 2 days, when i saw him online, i quickly asked him about the trip. BUT... what he told me was he just got bac from Holland!! Duh......

Haih, how unlucky am i?


Exams is around the corner and now im sitting here blogging. Just can't help it and so i'll go to study right after i finished this entry. There's Japanese Text and the subject that i hated - Microeconomics on this friday :((

Thk will ask some help from my microecon guru - the cute Alexie :D
He self-proclaimed as a expert of microecon... Plus it's FOC, of cos im gonna ask him lah~ Muahahaha...

Wait... Don't so happy first emily. Cos he's so busy currently :(
Where are you Alexie? missed u loh~


Oh well. Jogged to Cyberpark this late evening. It was a cloudy evening which was nice to jog. Don't ask me y i still went jogging even my exam is coming. Well u know, cos i need to lose my weight down. Been adding to much weight lately. So gotta do as much exercise as possible, avoiding to sit on the chair for a long period (but it's tough thou cos i have an attempt of sticking my arse on it lol). Ok.. back to the topic. Cyberpark was a really nice place to hang out with ur gang, just slacking there was the most relaxful moment i've ever had. The water lily just "spreading" on the lake and it's WHITE!! Gosh... hate myself cos didn't bring along my camera. Cos the camera is lying so lonely in my drawer most of the time ( i always tend to forget things :p)


Well, it's time to stop now. Quite a long entry for me. Time to study.
Till then, adieu.

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Anonymous said...

Till then, 'adieu'... i though you are supposed to use japanese to improve ur japanese languaqe.