Sunday, December 24, 2006

New look~

Well, at last i've decided to cut my hair short-short! I mean really short!! Now i could even feel the light breeze that flows off my neck :D It really needs lotsa bravery to do this. (to me) And i was amazed by my own decision and "determination" cos when the hair stylist was asking me if i was really sure with my decision to cut it short as he was holding a sparkling-sharp scissors, i looked straighly into his eyes and said "yes" seriously while i was nodding my head. Then the next second, the hair stylist which Brandon was his name, cut my hair to shoulder length. I felt so free after that!! Man, i've keep my hair long for a really long period, which was long enough to make me really sick of it :/ After half an hour, my hair was done finally :)) It's somehow looked like a lil mushroom... But i like it :D Here's the before & after...

I thk the shop was not bad after all as the hair stylist there will give u some suggestions as well as some haircare tips. Know what? My sister also cut her hair short!! which looked 80% like me... haha... Cos both of us came across with this idea at the same time. Wondering if we had the sixth sense towards each other...

Sorry just being a camwhore cos im so excited with my new look. Hehe.. and so was my dear sister and my cutey roommie. *grins*

Well my sister looks exactly the same as me rite? and my roommie Teresa has totally changed too with abit of fringe adding on.
We are the brand new us :)

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Sabrina said...

Brand new hair, brand new life!
All the best!