Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy, or not?

Song: Sarah McLachran - Angel

Planned to go ktv and sing till our heart out with my friends this morning. But... heck... the stupid alarm didn't wake me up, and we were late for our 11am booking. The stupid Neway (cheras) released our room to other customer cos we were late! The receptionist asked us to wait until 12pm, omfg... It's just not the way they treat their customers back in Time Square. They'll still reserve the room for u even u're late. So, we left and went to Leisure Mall instead.

We catched up "Happy Feet" about half an hour later. It wasn't bad though. Had a great time with those cute looking penguin expecially Mumble. The movie itself has some hidden meaning that make us think. Hmm.. not bad. After the movie, we just walk around the mall, and wee~ i bought one spaghetti top which looks really nice. I like the print, it looks elegant, and it's GREEN. Yea.. 2 different shade of green. The top have some diamonds and pearls on the front part of it. NICE~ :D


It's the LAST piece :(( Anyway, i took it at last cos i really like it!! And i got a 10% discount cos it's a display (convincing myself that i got a cheaper top lol) And well, i know that i seldom wear any spaghetti top. Oh.. yeah.. at least i can wear it to my friend's wedding buffet then (wait.. not my fren, it's my fren's sis) *grin*

Not to mention that i bought a pair of earrings!! God, u can't ever guess how long i have not wearing any of them :/ But damnit, i've lost one of it right before i wear them! Thk im not meant to wear any earrings :(( Wasted my money...

Forget it :/

And u know what? My mum bought me a yoga mat! Yay... can do some yoga in my hostel then :p
Hopefully can make my bodyshape trimmer... only if i dont' give up. Have to do exercise besides yoga, jogging perharps. Jogging is good, u can sweat as many as u can, loose ur weight down, and u can do some "thinking" as well when u are jogging. Great isn't it?

Anyway, having a mood fling right now. After some incidents had happened. Wish i could run to a place that is far away from here.

Song: Sarah McLachran - I will remember you


Teo SC said...

Earring lost one side nvm ma cos YUI also wears one side only haha. Don't wear so nice during the buffet if not I'll kill you.

Anonymous said...

'omfg' i cant imagine those words coming out from ur mouth:P

wear one side ok dee la:P