Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Keep holding on

Start to meditate...
Meditate about what is love...
Love is complicated, somehow.
But it also can be as simple as u want.
Just depend on ur mindset.
Well, u know what's that feel when it comes rite?

It's deeper than "like".
Like is something simpler than love.
U'll be fond of something when u like it.
Just hard to describe that "like" feeling.
Well sometime u'll like someone that u're admired with,
Sometime u'll just like something that u feel impressived with..
It just as simple as that.
Who knows?

But love is different.
U're not alone when u're in love.
Not standing alone and there's someone who stands by ur side,
all the time.
And even u're facing any hardship,
u'll keep holding on,
till the end,
cos u know u'll make it through,
with the hands that u hold onto.
And u'll stay strong even u know u can't hold on anymore,
cos u know there's someone is here for u.
So u'll keep holding on.

But what if there's no one that u can hold onto?
Maybe u'll fall to pieces,
and let the bruises accompany u through the freezing nite.

Perharps this will make me feel better:
Nothing's gonna change destiny.
Whatever that is meant to be,
will work out perfectly.

Grr.. gonna stop meditating soon! It's early in da mornin!! and im still awake!!

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