Wednesday, December 13, 2006

relieved (just for this sec)

Im so tired... unimaginably tired!! Perharps im mentally tortured right now cos im drowning by tons of stuff - assignment, studies, society thingy.. seems endless!! Grrr... My brain and my body are somewhat "separated" from me... feel like a zombie now :(( Just got bac from my cyberp assignment booth. tired tired tired!!

Yesterday i thk it was a pretty "extraordinary" day though. I was sitting in front of my lappie all nite long settling some stuff that need to be done by midnite. So, at last i finished those stuff by 11 something. Then, i was thinking of jogging cos i need to calm down!! (as u know exercise is one of the way for realising ur stressness :D) I know it was near to 12am in the midnite and i was quite a lacking-of-gut person so hey... no worries, cos i asked my frens to jog with me as well (for sure lol) We jogged around the campus and we stopped at some place near the new building. The place itself was quite deserted but the scenery there was nice though. Really quiet so i could hear the chirping noise made by crickets so clearly. The breeze flowed by my face as i was looking at the twinkling stars that up so high in the sky. Wished i could gone with the wind, and flew myself to reach the beautiful stars :)

After got bac from jogging, i was told that my fren hav gotten into a huge fight with his housemate. And he called me after that. So as a fren of him, i chattered with him to make him feels better. Problems do come to us and we got to handle it carefully. Sometime we need to be the one who make the first move and the problem will be solved eventually. So, no worries my dear friend :D I'll be here for my friends, always.

It was 3 something after i hung up the phone call and i haven't taken my shower yet!! :/ So i went to shower after that, and by the time i finished bathing it was nearly 4am! hell :(

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Anonymous said...

jog in the middle of the nite? sound interesting....

sorry that the BBQ things make u busy:(