Sunday, December 10, 2006


Song: The Fray - Look after you

Sometimes, things just turn out differently from wat u've expected. U thk it's not goin to rain cos it seems like a sunny day, but then u r wrong, u got wet. U thk u could resist the fragrance of hot latte when u step into starbucks for accompanying ur frens, again, u failed to do so. U thk u goin to be happy for the rest of the day cos u thk it's a wonderful day for u, but u turned out being so emo and distressing in the end of the day. U wanna hate someone but u just can't, the more u wanna do so, the more u miss him/her. U wanna say "one" but u end up say "two". U wanna say "no" and u ended up say "yes". U wanna treat someone sincerely but the person seems doesn't care bout wat u did. U r unhappy and pop out with some crap, tot ur fren would care bout u and say something to make u feel better, but then it just doesn't work, and maybe ur fren will even say something which make u feel even worst. U tot u could be nourished by the never-ending magic of love which make u thk that it's still a fairy tale existed in reality , but it has gone eventually, just blink away, u can't even realise it has disappeared.

Need a shoulder to lean on. But there's no one i could lean on. Feel so insecure. Think i should go bac to my room then n lie on my bed, cos my pillow is there for me to lean on...

Song: Snow Patrol - Make this go on forever


The songs melted my heart.

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Anonymous said...

sounds interesting...send me the song:P