Saturday, December 30, 2006

We are venturers~

Woah guess what~ I thk we are really venturers! Everybody out there, if u guys are goin to slacking at the Putrajaya Sri Wawasan Bridge for the late nite, pls do consider to change ur mind and go for something else. Be a risk taker!! Rather than sitting beside the road and chatting with ur frens while there are not much night view that is impressive enough to get ur attention, u may spend some of ur time by walking around and in the end u may get to see some beautiful night view as well as exploring some unknown places that u've never been. And u could feel the breeze of the wind so clearly and there's nobody out there, it's EMPTY. It's like the whole world belongs to you, ONLY YOU. Just abit scared that something bad will happen, that's it. Well, who knows somebody sneak up on u suddenly and... Okiee, whatever. *shrugs*

Anyway, it was a great nite. I've never tried that before. We just didn't care bout what will happen on us if we walked down the bridge. What we did? We meditated on the jeti. (Yea.. we did meditate on the jeti..for how long?... i thk about one hour?! anyway, meditate was great!) Oh..We put our feet into the lake as well. The lake was freaking dark and it looked like there's a huge creature under the lake :p (of cos it's just some sorta metaphore) We lied on the jeti. We walked on the stick for "practising" the "balancing skill". We ventured into the monorail tunnel at the centre of putrajaya. (some part did scared me alot!! According to buttercup, the feeling was like the feeling when he was watching "Silent Hill". *scary*) Then, we...................... *there's still a long venturers' story and it has been cut off eventually :p*

In short, u guys should try this and go for some "exploring" at nite. This is one of the COOLEST way for slacking :D But u guys better go in a big group as this is safer.(safety first :D)

Maybe our next exploring will be the underground of the putrajaya. It's so cool!! Can't wait!!

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