Monday, December 25, 2006

X'mas eve

Went yam cha with my frens cos we got nothing to do on x'mas eve. Luckily i got them if not my x'mas will be rather bored then. Brought Teresa with me and i felt sorry for her cos i didn't bring her to anywhere neither shopping mall which fulled with the beau x'mas deco nor church. I know u had family and frens with u during ur previous x'mas celebration, except this year, but anyway im glad i could spent my x'mas with u :) Hope u won't mind the not-so-happening x'mas that u have spent here.

Well, bac to the topic. As i reached home, my cousin and her bf already waited outside my house. Next stop -- Genting. So we head to Genting. Just slacking there with teresa while the couple spent their time together. (of cos without us la :p) We went to Coffeebean and had a hot latte there. we were chit-chatting while trying to finish the coffee cos it was freezing there! Head off to outside and just walked around. Chilling chilling!! Snapped some pix too. Happy :))

Managed to snap some pix before the battery of my digital cam ran out... Forgotten to charge the battery :/


sm@ll_whit3 said...

hey..told u ade it's ok la..anyway,thanks for bringing me out.really havea great time especially in the cold n freezing genting..thank u..

emily said...

haha.. me too.. had a great time there. We shouldn't come bac la... should hav stay there till the nex morning.. muahaha..

Nai Shyong said...

At least you have a better X'mas eve than me. I went for my cousin's wedding and it's all about eating, eating and eating ! fat sial !

Emily Lin said...

Nevermind la nai shyong u also not fat mah~ if fat fat ade then we go jogging together lo :D

Dun say that u have no energy to run.. it's an excuse =D