Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Warning: Do not read this when u're eating or drinking. U might choke urself.

Ok... Im so pissed off.. I don't want to talk about this actually but i just can't hold up anymore.
U know what?
My "new name" has come out.


*A big Thanks* to my *cute* buddy Buttercup...
*muaksss* (mumbling endless "shit" while i was typing this :/)

Y can't u put something nicer lah Buttercup? See... i gav u such a cute name - Buttercup,
BUT y u named me Patrick Star?? *stab stab*

The Patrick Star in the Spongebob SquarePants....
The dumbest creature under the sea... :/
Here it comes...
I hate this. Though he's cute. I don't really like the fluffy skin of him :/

And i prefer the bubbly Bubbles more.. :))

Any suggestion on what should i name the notty Buttercup??
Cos the Buttercup thingy just doesn't seems effective enough to piss him off :p


Nai Shyong said...

Patrick seems to suit you. lolz ~ May I call you Patrick next time when I see you ? :D

Emily Lin said...

huhuhu... i dont like this name la...There's NO WAY that u gonna call me that... if u call me so then i'll call u as NAIMA a.k.a. babysitter~