Friday, April 20, 2007

Out of control

Sometimes in between the path of our life,
we will tend to do something that is out of our principle of life.
Maybe it's something wrong that you shouldn't do.
Maybe it's out of our philosophy.
But somehow when the time comes,
you will just do it, cos you are all screwed up,
your life is in a mess, and perharps you are desperate.

No, you are not lost.
You just need to do something that will inspired you to stand up again.
You will stand up again if you'd once fallen so painfully.
You will wake up and be able to see the world again after having a scary nightmare.
And the world maybe, maybe will be all wondrous as you wished.

Up and down, down and up.
Life's upside down, upside down.
It's making you dizzy, so giddy.
Spinning and spinning.
Like sitting on the ferris wheel,
whirling and twirling.

Oh.. finally you will see the lighthouse, which will be guiding you all the way.
All the way till the end of our life.
Life is short afterall.

Note: Photo taken by Bill.


biLly said...

you ain't out of control, what you have done is controlled by yourself... it just happened when you ain't in "normal" mode

ah yuan said...

Emily, just remember one thing..

Keep looking up when we are down...