Monday, April 09, 2007

Goodbye, the Dazzle..

There goes my 2nd blog. Goodbye. Goodbye my so-called fashion blog.

I was not being able to update it as often as choux pastry heart. Seeing so many professional fashion blogger out there with their amazing post, making me feeling awful. So, here it goes, I've deleted it.

You must be wondering how great it is - I've deleted it, finally.

Anyway, I'm still going to continue writing, write something about that here.


Dee-Vine said...

aww but i liked it! i liked it better than those stoopid professional blogs!
but by all means, keep writing too. why dont you make this blog a bit of both? the writing and the fashion?

Emily Lin said...

Reall? Geez.. *blushed*

Those posts were really nothing compared with those professional blogs.. I have a poor english vocabulary and so I don't think my blog is better than those :p *please excuse my poor english*

Anyway.. thanks for visiting and the comment too :) it really meant alot to me.

And yes I will write something about fashion in this blog :) will post something soon..