Saturday, April 14, 2007


Sleepless night. It's torturing me. I have been busy for the past week- assignments, exam, quiz... But anyway... I'm temporarily free now.


There's so much things I've leant about these past couple of years.
You see...
I couldn't learn about blowing a whistle without you guys.
I couldn't love seeing someone who dislike eating sashimi/ raw salmon sushi without knowing you hate eating those. [cos I could finish all of them by my own *grin*]
I couldn't know listening classical during reading is like an enchantment which will drawn your heart away.
I couldn't have done something I want to do always without you telling me there's no one we need to care about, but just myself.
Without you, I couldn't have known there's someone who will keep guiding me if I were lost. I know you're "scolding" me for good :p

Who are you? It's weird. I'm wondering who you are. You could be someone I've known. You could be someone I care. You could be my best friend. You could be my loved ones. You could be nothing but yourself.

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