Monday, April 16, 2007

Ever wished you were a gorgeous doll like Pullip?

I was browsing through the internet on the pictures of porcelain dolls since I was so bored. And I found this!!

A Pullip doll! And her name is RIDa. I think she's cool! By the way, she's not made by porcelain. Pullip is not Blythe. Pullip's head is smaller and their eyes even can be rolled by adjusting the button behind their head! Besides, their bodies are very posable, unlike Blythe.

Imagine me with a short black hair, was browsing through the internet, and found this picture?! What was my reaction of that? It was like - "OMFG! She looks exactly like me!" Well, I think we looked the same, if you excuse her big eye, funky outfit and the cool black boots. Okay, gotta stop dreaming now because I am not as pretty as her- Rida.

I've got to own one Pullip someday. Oh, and I'll bring her to somewhere and shoot pictures of her posing on the fence, on the grass, beside the road, just everywhere.

Blythe with Kitty.

Pictures taken from Sweet Lily Pullips's blog & kitty27's flickr


Q said...

I use a Canon.

Interesting dolls.

connie said...

ooohhh.. i heart heart heart HEART blythe dolls effin much. too bad cant get in msia :( kinda pricey too.

eeeeeeee.. i wan i wan!!!!