Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nikon, just lovin' it!

Introducing our new family member - Nikon D40~!

Me myself, with the baby, and my mum at the back passing by.
That's my lovely dad and my sis was resting her head on my shoulder.

p/s: sorry for the lack of photoshop. and more pictures coming up =)

Ok, gotta go. Signing off and going to play with the D40 :))
Till then~!


ah yuan said...

Wow! Great!! Looking forward to your products Emily!

ym said...

wahaha... i also wanna play... i shall take out my old camera 18 year old and challenge ur's!

Emily Lin said...

haha.. Hopefully I could get some nice pics with my lousy technique :p
Still learning.. Perharps I should ask chee wei to be my sifu le :p His landscape pics are nice.

Ym: Wow.. I thk it will be really fun cos I have never touched any of the camera which is "almost" same with my age. well.. "almost" :p

Emily Lin said...
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ah yuan said...

Chee wei would be terrific if he knows that you want him to be your sifu! :p