Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Help me. Pull me out from here.

Just finished my mock meeting.. and luckily I've got full marks for that despite the nervousness of me being nearly unable to speak out any words. Now I'm really tired. And shit another test is coming soon in less than 2 hours time. Frankly speaking I have not well prepared yet by doing revision, but heck I'm still sitting here and start blogging! Well, guess that is my way of releasing my tension.

I wished I could just throw the tutorial notes away. Into the dustbin.
I HATE numbers!!

Perharps I should just grab for a movie RIGHT NOW and just enjoy for the popcorn and have some laughing?

Or I should drive around aimlessly.

Or I should smoke?! [ok. not a good idea though :p]

Oh or I should drink a coffee.

Maybe a hot latte with cinnamon. With a caramel waffle on it.

Or an ice blended mocha.

Just anything. Because...


Okay. Ignore the random topics. I'm just feeling damn bored now.


ah yuan said...

We all "love" Stats, don't we??!!
What standard deviation, quartile, percentile, empirical distribution function... Horrible!!

Starbucks ice blended green tea also tastes good! With whipping cream on top! Yummy!!~~

All the best for your exams!! Good luck girl!

Emily Lin said...

Thanks... just finished the managerial stats test.. omg.. my head is filling with hypothesis I, hypo II, population mean, sample size, level of significance >.<

Really? gree tea with whipping cream? sounds yummy.. I should try out then :)) mostly I'll have coffee.. latte or mocha or something else :p

ah yuan said...

Wow! Test finished! Yippie!

I can't sleep after having coffee. So if I go to Starbucks at night, most probably I'll have anything other than coffee! haha!The green teais a bit too sweet though and whipping cream makes us fat! But who cares! :p

Emily Lin said...

Yea!! So happy and feel a bit relaxed.. just back from outside.. hanging around.. oh and went for pool playing, coffee [not starbucks, just oldtown kopitiam tho :p] and KFC. Now feel like puking :p

and YAY! Tomorrow's holiday! yipeee~