Thursday, April 26, 2007

Love it. Shall I, or shall I not?

I was not really free practically yesterday afternoon but I couldn't stop myself from browsing through the internet. And the outcome of that was:

I found this picture from charada.

Notice the lady on the left with a short chic hair, and hey it's a cute looking fringe. Cute non?

Should I get that kinda fringe? Or should I not?

As you can see, she's got a gorgeous hair colour, wavy hair. But what about me? I have black hair.. it's like - totally black. Holy black. But I'm proud of it :p And my hair is not the kind of lovely wavy, but a messy messy. *shakes head*

I've had a fringe back then during my Form 6 and it was kinda thick-looking with them "lying peacefully" on the top of my eyebrows. Haha. The only difference is the fringe is going to be matched with a short hair this time. Just look like the picture above.


Ok.. now I'm going to think about that again by spending my time looking at the side view of her hair.

Alright. Maybe you are not paying attention with her hair BUT you are eyeing on that bag. Oh I love Chanel~ It's just wonderful, don't you agree? =))


*Imagine me with that hairstyle,and a dark red specs on my face*

Oh... It's way too hard for me to imagine that >.<

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