Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I want to eat Chocolate Banana Cake but I'm full

So two days ago was my lil' bro's 8 year old birthday. Had a simple celebration at home and we bought chocolate banana cake for him. Oh and a shirt too. Teresa and Billy came over and had dinner at my house. We ate so much until our stomach nearly exploded. Fried bihun, fried rice, fried dumpling, fried tofu, fried chicken. OMG all fried stuff.. Thinking back about the food that we ate make me wanna puke cos I just had my dinner :p

Back to food. Ladies and gentleman, let me show you a quick way to have your meal in 2 min.

It's Maggi Mee. Now can be prepared in 2 min. I heart them. It's a really good way to save your money, save your energy to walk down for ta bao your food, and of course it can fill up your stomach.

And I know it's a trade off for your health. It's not good for your body cos of the substances that being used in it. But, I have no choice. It's cheap and convenient mah!

p/s: feeling kinda dizzy after donating my blood.. Zzz...

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