Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I've been tagged!

This is my very first time being tagged in the blogomosphere... I was browsing through my fellow friends' blog, and I saw Ping Ting's. And well, since I'm one of the names of her bloggies, so... here it goes, my 6 idiosyncrasies:

1. I'm INSANELY mindless. I'm so forgetful till a certain extent that you can hardly imagine. Hmm... something like [based on a true story]:
  • My room's key was being left and sticked on the door for 2 bloody hour and THANK GOD my laptop and all other valuable stuff were still inside my room safely.
  • I'd forgotten to lock my car and SHIT my handphone and purse were inside too and oh again THANK GOD they were still there after I got back to my car.
  • I still remember what you've told me BUT I've no idea about it AT ALL and seems like nothing has happened, right after I turned my head.
  • And so much more undescribable incidents that gonna drive me crazy.
2. I'm meticulous. Not to say too much. But my friends have started to complain it. Well, when comes to food, I am very particular. No matter it's too sweet, salty, too oily, or whatsoever, I'll make some statement about that. I know it sounds so picky, but I just can't help it. Hmm, maybe I can shut up by stop eating everything xD

3. I'm a professional procrastinator. I know it's bad and it has to deal a lot with time management, and so I have adjusted my handphone clock 10 minutes earlier than it should be. But honestly speaking, it just doesn't help much. Ha, I should try something else instead.

4. I like seeing people by sitting aimlessly on the bench in the malls, coffeeshop, or anywhere. I don't why I like it, but it seems so much fun to see different people at the same time, and by looking at the outfit and attitude of them, I can keep pondering about what their real life are. Well, not to mention I also keep my eye on the well-dressed ladies and gentleman, observing their amazing outfit.

5. I like to drink super hot drink. I don't like drink which has turned cool. Super duper hot soup, super duper hot chocolate, super duper hot coffee, super duper hot mocha, I just love 'ya all!!

6. I'm really easy to get cold. My hand will feel like ice cool if the air-conditioning is a bit too strong, and I'll grap people's hands for keeping it warms. [of cos must be someone who's close with me la :p]

And the next 6 persons I wanna tag will be Alex, Billy, Half Banana, Kiddo, Sabrina, and YM.


BB said...

wow!! i'm the 1st to tag u eh... dun be so forgetful next time. its not everytime u're so lucky...

alluretone said...

i get cold real easily too. thanks so much for visiting my blog- will add you to my list!

Teo said...

I cannot come up with 6 idiot-whatever la =X Prefer to keep them as secret LOL.