Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Just got bac from Genting yesterday with my friends. It was wonderful though we were just slacking around there. The first nite we met our friends at Coffeebean and I had an exactly hot latte there. We chatted and laughing and just enjoying the nite. Well, went to cinema after that and watched Nights At The Museum. It was so funny. "Hey, Dum Dum just give me a Gum Gum.." "Dexter...!!" (well if u've seen this movie surely u'll know what i mean xD)

The Ultimate that I'm so into currently~

We didn't go to theme park cos the fog was quite thick and kept raining throughout the day. It was freezing cold there yet Goat and I went to the outdoor and had some tour-around. Our eyelashes were covered with the mist and our hair got wet. Wind kept blowing and my body kept shaking. But felt warmed sometime. Maybe was the jacket I was wearing. I'll be FREEZE TO DEATH without it. And do u know what's the feeling of eating icecream while walking in the fog, the wind is blowing through ur body and it's cold like hell? Well, it was really SYIOK and u guys should try it!! Not to mention I had spent not less than one hour sitting outside of Coffeebean after eating icecream in the raining afternoon, drinking The Ultimate! COLD Ultimate!! One word i could say: SYIOK! again!

Had a great time with u guys there. And u guys ROCKS!!


I've learned mahjong yesterday nite. It was so cool but too bad I kept losing in the game. Luckily there's no money was involved if not... *no eye see* Goat and Ad kept making fun of me and it was so embarassing. I know I was really bad in playing mahjong lah. *paiseh*

Need to practise it as much as possible then :p


ym said...

Dum dum want gum gum...

if dum dum dum dun giv me gum gum... dum dum whack dum dum dum... kakaka


Emily Lin said...


what the... are u talking about? :p

who is dum dum and who is dum dum dum?!