Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Eye on Malaysia

Hmm... This is Eye on Malaysia...

Ohhh.. Wait a minute... Oops.. I've mistaken... This is the Eye of London lah. Not Eye of Malaysia :p So be prepared, Eye on Malaysia is not as gorgeous as the Eye of London, don be so fussy lo :p

Went to Eye on Malaysia yesterday nite with my sis and the gang to celebrate Ker Sien's birthday. Oh.. the sushi made by Ker Xin was NICE!! Tuna with crab meat, cucumber, and whole lots more!! Yum yum~ Anyway, the nite scene there quite nice and there's alot of ppl were taking pictures around the lake. People mountain people sea... I even saw MMU student, which I think he was FCM student cos his camera was pro one o :p

Anyway, after reached there, me and my sis kept taking pictures around, looked like some "sua gu" first time seeing ferris wheel... Haha.. we brought camera for taking pictures mah.. not simpan dalam bag :D

After some pictures taking session, we went up the ferris wheel and had a ride. We separate to 2 group as there was total 10 of us. So me, my sis, Siew, Hotren, and Leng were in the same group. I thk the ppl down there also could hear the shouting of us. Wahaha.. Nothing to do up there, so we were shouting n shouting when the ferris wheel started to move.

We started to cam whoring after a while. But our attempt had failed. Cos the shaking and poor lighting condition there. Here, these are some of the pictures we took yesterday. But pls dont complaint much cos of the lighting and hand-shaking. Hehe. And I'm lazy to photoshop them, and I know the pictures' quality was sux. Pls don't mind :p

1st attempt : Failed. Too blurry and over-exposured.

2nd attempt : Bit better but still blurry. Gave up.


Anonymous said...

very nice!!!

where is it ar?


Emily Lin said...


Have u read newspaper? It's located beside of titiwangsa lake...

Bring ur gf go la :p

ahnee said...'s me...juz here to see your BOB hair..but...WHICH GAL IS U...

Emily said...


I'm the one on the right who looks "older" :p The gal beside me is my sis :D

Anyway, thanks for stopping by :)