Monday, January 01, 2007

Hello 2007

Everybody~ Happy new year 2007!!

For saying goodbye to 2006, and welcoming 2007, I had my New Year celebrating at Bkt Bintang with my fellow friends. We supposed to meet at KL cos I was following B-boyz's car with my sister together while they went there by public transport. At first they wanna go KLCC instead of Bkt Bintang and so i was abit disappointed cos i might not be celebrating with them. U know... It's abit tiring for myself to take public transport from Bkt Bintang to KLCC :p

Anyway, they have changed their plan last minute and so I could celebrate new year together with them. Before that, I had my long-waiting dinner at Tmn Maluri. It was fried hokkien mee and yun-yong. The fried hokkien mee was nice cos it was cooked by using charcoal. It's called long-waiting cos we have waited for one hour!! We were so hungry by the time the foods reached. And yes, thank you B-boyz for recommending the foods! It was really nice. Well, we parked our car at some place which was quite far from Bkt Bintang cos we wanna avoid from the crowd. My sister already couldn't stand from the painess of her feet cos the shoes was killing her. Too tight.

Met my friends at Lot 10's Starbucks after the scary excapade along the road from Sg Wang to Lot 10. There were thousands and thousands of crazie ppl kept spraying each other and I was so scared of being sprayed by them. I really hate the smell of the spray but yet I couldn't escape from it. We hardly move an inch when we reached Sg Wang cos there was a concert goin on. After the pushing and crowding, at last I managed to meet my friends while my sister and B-boyz went to meet their buddies.

Had my so called "free" ice-blended mocha and chatted with them. Felt sorry for Teresa cos her handphone had been stollen by some moraless fella. Curse u! Have ur mother taught u not to steal ppl's belongings? U Jack-ass! And well I met another caucasian with "good manner" when I was waiting for the queue in Starhill gallery's washroom. She just rushed in and just went into the washroom without bothering me as I was waiting for that room as well!! Whatever. We can't judge a book by its cover anyway. "Good Looking" woman may not have well manner or even so called graceful movement. She was wearing a flattering dress or should I say it's not so flattering after all as the "hole" which situated in the middle of the dress didn't impressed me at all.

Fireworks was quite nice but we couldn't see it clearly though cos we were standing in front of starbucks and it had been blocked by some buildings. Anyway, the cheers of the crowd had made me felt upbeat and luckily there was not much ppl spraying to each other there compared with Sg Wang. *phew*

Went supper after the jump at Cyberjaya then went for Putrajaya again. Cos my sister coming as well so we decided to bring her there to have some sight-seeing.

Left: Seri Wawasan bridge and the mirroring effect.

Right: The blurring effect of the mosque.

Again, we stopped at the small jeti and chatted and had some meditate too. Not to mention we had done some crazie stuff like imitating the Victoria Secret Fashion Show lol. It was hilarious! Imagine: Justin Timberlake's Sexyback as the background music and some fellows are trying to be sexy as they're walking by xD

First u can see me and my sister were paddling the water...

Then... we were slowly "fade away" *ghostly effect*

Anyway, it was already 5 in the morning by the time we realised it. Went to hospital as teresa had a pretty serious stomachache suddenly. It did scared us though. Hope she'll be alrite.
Whole nite awake, so just head off to my bed after I've taken my shower. Exhausted.

And books still untouched :D Exam is around the corner. Gawd...:((


sm@ll_whit3 said...

hey...thank u for the special nights that we spend together and thanks for the help especially to the hospital..sorry for scaring u guys..i was scared too.. :p

Nai Shyong said...

Imitating VS models without me being there to become your audience, how DARE you ! lolz... You guys sure have a lot of fun ! Too bad you din kena spray, It's very disappointing ! :P

Emily Lin said...

small white: It's good that u r okay now.. if not okay also nevermind cos got ppl take care u mah.. muahahaha

nai shyong: yea.. too bad didn't ask u to come along.. if not we could hav one additional VS model!! Hahaha..:P Not being sprayed is not dissapointing tho cos the spray is suffocating me~ :(

Emily Lin said...
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