Saturday, January 20, 2007


I'm mentally and physically ----- EXHAUSTED!!

It's been a long time since my last update (not long tho but it's holiday now so suppose I hav alot of time to blogging)... Well, I was soooo busy on this couple of days. Been calling up the companies to request for sponsorship. My butt was like stuck on the chair all day long. Even there's not much time for me to drink (yea I've forgotten to drink water). But anyway, it's Friday nite~ At least I can rest on tomorrow :p

p/s: Im not complaining or sulking here but just literally describing how busy I was :D Cos somebody kept asking me when I will update my blog :p


I hope I can...
  1. meet Paolo Nutini.
  2. hold his hand.
  3. look into his eyes and he looks at mine too :D
  4. hug him tight
  5. hang around at anywhere that I like. Walk aimlessly.
  6. spend my time at starbucks for the whole day having latte + cinnamon powder. Or at coffeebean for the ultimate. *yum yum*
  7. be more bubbly.
  8. meet my prince charming.
  9. fly?!
I hate...
  1. bored.
  2. to be alone.
  3. liar.
  4. miser.
  5. flirter. (too fake)
  6. ppl shouts at me.
  7. blemishes.
  8. of being hungry.
  9. braggart.
Well, a pointless entry. Can't thk of anything to write. My head wanna burst liao.


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