Friday, January 26, 2007

Great day, I suppose.

Basically nothing much happened during these couple of days. Just that I'd been "ffk" by SC, for supper. So yesterday nite I asked her for supper cos I miss the tosai at Kajang Prima so much! Went to the mamak stall right after I've fetched my sister back to home from working. While I was waiting for the food to take away, suddenly my sister called, and I'd been told by her that SC had dropped me a msg saying that she's goin to sleep! Of course I called SC immediately to ask her about it BUT... she DIDN'T answer my call. And so the Tosai Telur and the Neslo Ais that I'd ordered specially for her, was wasted. But anyway it had eventually become the supper of my sister. We were bloated, though the tosai wasn't nice as it was not crispy as it used to be, cos usually we'll have the yummy crispy tosai there, but not take away. Neslo was the best neslo I've ever had, just taste like the mocha, really tasty. It was totally different from those neslo I had back in Cyberjaya which was sux.

Anyway, had a decent chat afterthat with someone through msn, we chatted for like, everything. The past seemed flow into my mind on and off again while I was in kinda "dreaming" situation during the chat. Joyful and tears.

Went to SC's house this evening to take the latest episode of Hana Yori Dango. She also showed her guitar skill by playing Avril's Things I'll Never Say and Tai You No Uta's theme song. Though she couldn't catch up the key sometime, but to me, she is awesome! She can sings while playing with her guitar AT THE SAME TIME leh!! Geng! Her singing is nice btw.. way better than me :p

Had a Neslo Ais again while I was on the way back but it wasn't nice as yesterday's though. 3 weeks hols just gone like that. Next week is the 3rd sem of me in MMU. Gawd, time shines.

Alrite, till then.

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