Monday, January 15, 2007

Bubbling nite

Went out with Alex yesterday nite and it was bubbling! There's few reasons why I say so. Cos I've not seen him for AGES since he started his studies in Aussie, had a decent talk with him, had a wonderful dinner at Chillis, watched The Guardian afterthat, and drove his MIGHTY track on the way back.

Ok.. I'll just skip to the food part. Dinner at Chillis was greatttt! I ordered myself a Monterey Chicken while Alex had a Salmon thingy, of cos Nachos was in the list too, and last but not least, the dessert Molten Chocolate Cake. The Monterey Chicken was a combination of grilled chicken breast, some veggies, a huge marshed potatoes which was so YUMMY, and some beef bacon served on top of the chicken. HEAVENLY. Alex's salmon was nice too but I prefer my Monterey chicken anyway xD We were bloated by the time we finished the main course and each of us only had a piece of nachos. But Alex still insisted to order the Molten Chocolate Cake which I never tried before and decided to have the nachos take away. The Molten Chocolate Cake was heavenly. Indeed, much better than heavenly. Just FANTABULOUS! I almost fainted cos of the bubbly taste of it! SOoooo yummy!! So this was the best dessert I've ever tried before. There's a chocolate spongecake on the bottom and a vanila icecream with a chocolate coating on top of it. It was nice as I could taste the coldness of the icecream and I could feel the heat from the spongecake at the same time. What I can say is --- try this out urself!!

Here comes the movie part. The Guardian was NICE and it was directed by the director of The Fugitive.

I might be biased cos this movie was starring by Ashton Kutcher. My favourite hottie! All I can say is his acting skill has improved again *clap clap* cos I could feel the pain when his eyes were fulled with tears. I was impressed by Kevin Costner after the previous movie of him that I had seen ages ago - The Waterworld. He was tough still though I could clearly see the wrinkles on his face. And Melissa Sagemiller was stunning. Well of cos I was fulled with envious cos she kissed Ashton! The hottie was as hot as he used to be and of cos he was cute! SO cute and sexy till I couldn't stop drooling. Anyway, u can see the review of this movie here.

Sorry guys, I couldn't help myself for posting this big picture of my babe~

Oh how I wish I could be Melissa?!


biLly said...

i won't let go ...

Emily Lin said...

u won't let go?! Have u sent the wrong msg? Or u're advertising ur latest entry "let go"?