Sunday, January 07, 2007

At last!


Finally finished my exam! I'm so tired now but still sitting here and surfing and slacking like nobody's business instead of jumping into the bed. Well today I had the stupiak microecon's exam. Last minute study just didn't make any good, of cos I know but still... I can't help it :p

Gonna change my way of study if not I thk I'll be kicked out from this Money Making University soon.. lol

Was so busy and tiredness just kept haunting me so I didn't keep my blog updated as I used to be. Nevermind actually cos starting today, I'll post as many as possible cos ~

I'm havin 3 weeks holidays!! *happy*

And last but not least... Genting, here I come!


Nai Shyong said...

Genting again !!! I wanna go too ! You're going with who ?

Emily Lin said...

Haha... yep.. this time i'm goin with my buddies~ (for sure u know) *happy* U wanna come? treat me some nice meal first la :D