Sunday, January 21, 2007


Gosh.. Apparently it's not a good idea for staying up till early in the morning few nites in a row - dull face fulled with blemishes. I know. Cos I'm experiencing it, and enjoying the every moment of dull-looking-face. Duh.

*shaking head*

I know I should REALLY sleep early.
And I should REALLY exercise more.


Oh.. If u have noticed, I've done something to my blog. The header image, background and font colour, all had been changed. As u can see, I've done a really lousy photoshop cos this is my very first time playing with Photoshop CS 2. Pai seh. The photo actually was taken by ym at Redang Island. And I've made the image abit blurry which is not really nice-looking cos it was done by me this freshie for photoshop CS 2. So plsss tolerate with my lousy photoshop skills lah :p


Ju3x|n said...

This is my Very First Time to leave u a comment...=)
Well,your new layout is not bad.I prefer this one compared to the previous one,hehe...
Anyway,take care of yourself,support you always o~!

ym said...

wow... this is nice! haha it neva came across my mind that it can be done this way... hehe