Saturday, January 13, 2007


Well... I know it's already half month past January but now I'm too free to sit here and so I'm gonna list down some events and things of 2006 that I will remember forever because they all affected my life in different perspective and it's a mix of joy and pain. Inspired by half-banana's end of the year entry. In time chronological order,

  • Worked as a kindergarten teacher for nearly 5 months. Yes... I was a teacher. It was a great experiece though and I've learnt alot about dealing and communicating with people especially children. Not to mention I've learnt how to shout and yell. (by the way children wouldn't bother u if u speak softly, they'll bully u :/)
  • Decided to continue my studies at UTAR but had changed my mind to MMU instead. Switched from Science to Business. It was a major decision that I've made. And I'm glad I'm studying here.
  • Got a LV wallet. (it's alright if u say that's probably a faux.. who knows maybe it really is?! :D) I know it's si lai stuff but it's really easy to maintain and really tough on handling difficult situation. Well, at least I never worry that it'll get dirty.
  • Stepped into MMU and started my life in uni.
  • Become friend with spongebob and ended up become her rommies. We are good friends now. Not to mention another of our buddy. Three of us always stick together. Have so much fun with them *grins*
  • Become a committee in swim club and I'm in the special task division. Yea. Right. SPECIAL TASK. I'm tough, man :p
  • Got to know a bunch of people in swim club. And they're crazy! It's great to know them. Guleng, Ad, Bubba, Kiddo, Turtle, Feipo and so on... :D You guys Rox!
  • Involved in swimming interfac competition and got myself 2 broze .(if I'm not mistaken) DON'T BE SURPRISED why I cound get one of them cos there were ONLY 3 participants. So, I got bronze. Hahahaha...
  • Created a blog. Write shits about my life and I know I've spent alot of time on blogging and surfing on how to create a nice layout of blog and bla bla bla. Well, it's one of the best way to blog out what's on my mind and release my stress anyway.
  • Endless fighting with people whom may concerned. Though it's kinda tiring but I've tried to smooth things out.
  • Fell in love with Starbucks and still in love with them. U can see my previous entry kept talking about coffee anyway. Just can't help it. Currently in love with Coffeebean's The Ultimate though :D
  • Finally managed to tear the "P wording" off my car's. *literally* Cos my sister still in progress of learning driving :/
  • Got a T bracelet and a baggie on my birthday. Don't really wear accessories though but I heart the T bracelet. Thanks.
  • Become single again after going through a nearly 4 years relationship. Still in the process of healing and letting go.
  • Got endless support from my friends and thank you guys for spending time with me and keeping me sane most of the time.
  • Went to Pangkor with fellow Swim Club and my buddies went along too. Hav tons of fun in sun-soaking and cycling and canoeing and playing with them. Crazy and fulled with musing!
  • Kept laughing by my friends on my skin which was darker than it should be.
  • Organised a barbeque for swim club and it was a great experience. Well, at least I've learn how to buy tons of stuff on the same time at the hypermarket :D
  • Another major decision I've made, in my point of view - CUT MY HAIR SHORT. A really short one compared with my long hair. And I'm happy with it :) At least I could feel the breeze that run over my neck this time! Ha!
  • Went to Genting just for slacking and making myself feel better on Christmast Eve. The wind was nice though.
  • Spent my NYE at Bkt Bintang with my fellow friends. An unforgettable day it was.
That's all I can think of right now. So, bring it on guys.
And hopefully year 2007 will be as joyful as the carousel is... :))


Chee Way said...

siapa Ad, Kiddo, Turtle, and Feipo? seems like i am outdated abit:(

u missed out ur birthday present given by me:(

dunno that swim club can contribute to a person's life, it contributes to a few higlights of the your year...wat a great club:P

Emily Lin said...


Nai Shyong said...

erm .... you're a teacher ? .... **I'm holding my breath**, **I'm still holding my breath** .....**I can't hold it anymore**, I'm blasting off with laughter !! LoL ..... **I'm laughing and rolling on the floor** ... hope the kids won't turn bitchy after attending your clas :P