Thursday, June 14, 2007

After some MIA...

Time flies. It's been a week since I last updated something in this blog. Not that I don't want to write anything here or just being supremely lazy, but it's impossible for me to come online on the past week as I went to Johor Bahru & Singapore since last Thursday. That was an unexpected trip. Will be going there next time with Teresa, definitely. (I proooomise you, Teresa :p ) After spending days there, I got back to home yesterday afternoon. Was too bored to stay at home so I had decided to pay my buddy a visit at Johor Bahru (JB). For those who hasn't heard of JB, it's actually the 2nd biggest city in Malaysia which is situated at the southern part of peninsular Malaysia.

I had only decided to go there by myself last minute on last Thursday. Went there on Friday early morning by taking bus and train and etc. That was my first getaway by my own so I was feeling pretty excited on that moment. Carrying a big camera bag and a luggage on the same mention it was peak hours as people were rushing to work. Anyway, I managed to get a bus right after I reached the bus station. Vroooom... JB, here I came! Reached there after 4 hours then waited for one and half hour for him because he was having some facial treatment with Yikki. Let me show you Yikki with facial musk on. (hopefully he's not reading this :/ )

Photo courtesy of Billy.

According to Billy, I had tried most of the "significant" foods available in JB. First day I had iced kacang with chocolate topping, rojak, and also some fried taufu-pok (the ingredients of it are much likely with bean curd) . I must say the fried taufu-pok was yummy! It stuffed with cucumber and you should dip it in the chili sos before eating it.

This is the rojak that I was mentioning. It looks quite disgusting but it's yummy! There's peanuts in the sos. :))

Photo courtesy of Billy.

For the iced kacang chocolate lover, you can add the chocolate topping as much as you want - if you are a chocolate lover, you'll definitely love this.

After settling down at Billy's home, we then headed to his secondary school (Foon Yew High School) for "sight-seeing" since we got nothing to do.

One of the building in Foon Yew High School with the sculpture of Confucious in the middle.

I was playing around with B&W (black & white).

Me carrying my camera bag.

I even asked Billy to jump because I have a thing for shooting jumping motion. And so he did. -_-"


And these.

All I can say is he's got talent in jumping with different styles and excellent expression. Don't you agree?? (I'm gonna get killed by him for posting these up :/ )

After some cam whoring, we then headed to City Square. The popiah I had at a small street near City Square was heavenly. This picture was taken when the uncle was making the popiah.

Anyway, we had steamboat for our dinner with Yikki, May, and some of their friends. Went to Danga Bay after having our dinner. It's beautiful. Met Sukki after that and had supper at Ayub. The tosai was awesome, I gotta tell you.

Second day we had bah kut teh for lunch. It's different from the bah kut teh I had back in KL. I liked it pretty much. Went to a bar late at night with the gang. It was a wonderful night - had smoothies and wine, too. Was feeling tipsy after drinking some wine - I was lame, huh. Anyway, we spent our night in Sukki's house as her family had gone to Melaka. Got shocked by the amount of mattress in her house. :p

After woke up in afternoon, we then headed to Don Sushi. It was darn cheap as we had ordered curry katsu don, agedashi tofu, tempura moriawasen, ten zaru soba, zaru soba, salmon sushi, ebiko sushi, tamago sushi and 3 icecream -- all for RM90 only! :)) Headed back to Sukki's house and she made a lovely latte. Well, I wished I know how to make a latte without burning down the kitchen. Okay, just forget it and accept the fact that I am bad in cooking or just simply engaging in activities related with kitchen. =.=

After drinking latte and eating some green apple dipped with whipped cream, we then fetched Sukki to work. Had some kueh-teoh-chai for dinner. It's hard to describe what it is but it's quite nice. After having dinner, Billy, Yikki and I headed to TGI Fridays for nachos. Sukki joined us after finishing her work. We were planning to go somewhere else but some bad things had happened so we went back after that. Hope everything is alright now.

Went to Singapore on Monday. Shit I couldn't get my money out from atm machine. Luckily Billy lend me some. Singapore is a nice city with fresh air (much fresher than the air in Malaysia - just compare the air of busy streets in Bukit Bintang and Orchard Road), nice car (almost 99% of the car is dust-free), good transport system (much more convenience and always sticks with schedules).

Anyway bought some stuff and spent some money on eating. I had takoyaki at Bugis, beard papa, fish porridge, Ben & Jerry at Vivo City, cheesy hotdog from GoGo in Takashimaya, the Ultimate from Coffeebean, and yam pie from Burger King. Cool.

We spent 2 hours sitting at the Coffeebean in Orchard Road, just day-dreaming there. The photo below was taken in front of the Paragon at Orchard Road. Err.. sorry for the overexposure.

I got to tell you how mad we were - we walked all the way from Orchard Road to Bugis. I think we'd walked for at least half an hour. My leg was swollen but heck, it was fun.

At least it was pretty fun by looking at some people who's acting like a weirdo, rite? :p

The above pictures were taken at outside of the Singapore Arts Museum. The first picture is an art piece of Ju Ming, called Living World. Keropok Man from Singapore Daily Photo had posted a photo of it with some interesting narratives on the other day, too. Whereas for the second picture, I have no idea with the name of the sculpture.

We met Sukki and Yikki after got back to JB and had supper at a mamak stall. Had mee rebus and grilled chicken wings (marinated with chili powder). They were delicious!! This was the last night I spent in JB. I had a great time with all of them. :))

The next morning, I had beef noodles soup and duck meat for breakfast. It's yummylicious! I miss it already. In fact, I miss the foods in JB already. They are drooling over me now.

And now I'm praying so hard to God - please don't put me on weight lol.

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Peter said...

Obviously you managed your PC problems (your post "Helpless").

Thanks for the detailed report of some obviously very enjoyable days, with a lot of emphasis on nice eating and with names of dishes I never heard of and probably not have tried - or maybe (?); how could I remember all these strange names?

Nice to see that you can now take some time off for pleasure!

Emily Lin said...

Yea.. I managed to install some softwares and now I can view my photos again. :)

Those dishes are indeed delicious. You should try them out if you happened to be in Malaysia /Singapore. :)

It's good to take some time off.. but I still have 3 more days to go to hanging around, then will start schooling again :((

Keropok Man said...


is your friend a dancer? haha...

next time come to Sg, tell me, bring you makan makan around.... u know where to find the food pix right? LOL