Monday, June 25, 2007

Walk in line

Keep walking.
You must keep walking,
trying not to get lost in this dark little room.

Standing by yourself,
you couldn't see your hands and fingers.

You moved slowly.
You walked slowly.

Somehow, you saw someone standing at the corner smiling at you.
That's the person you'd been dreaming of.

You ran towards the person that you'd been missing for the whole time.
So fast that you even thought you were a thunder.
But it's too slow although you were a real thunder.

He's gone.
He's gone right before you get to hold him,
right before you get to touch him.

You were wondering," Where he could have been?"
No one could answer it but yourself.

He's gone..
He's gone now.
Of course I know.

I will try my best to walk in line.
And not to get lost again.
Not to get lost in you.
Or should I say... not to get lost in your eyes again.

It's a hallucination.
It's a hallucination of having a crush on you.


ah yuan said...

Give you a big big hug, Emily!!

Peter said...

Just keep on walking, even if you risk to get lost now and then. It will not always be a hallucination!

A nice poetry with a fitting photo!

Peter said...

Actually you could also "Walk the Line"!

Did you see the movie?

Emily Lin said...

Yuan: Thank you, my dear! :)

Peter: Thanks for the lovely comment. And no, I haven't got the chance of watching "Walk the Line". Is it nice? But I always love watching Reese Witherspoon. :)