Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I am helpless. Why? Just imagine:

- Your laptop got infected by virus and you were so worried that all of your files will be gone.
- Luckily your friend had offered to help you to reformat it again.
- You've got back your babe at last, hopping here and there cause finally you can come online and upload photos and blogging and photoshop-ing.
- And imagine if you were sitting in Starbucks, enjoying the hot latte added with cinnamon powder when you had gotten back your laptop, but your laptop was EMPTY without photoshop, softwares, MSN messenger and etc....
- You yell.
- But it doesn't helps after all.

So I'm sorry for lack in updates. A lot of photos are stacking up in my camera. I couldn't open it with my laptop as my laptop couldn't recognise RAW file and my photoshop has gone. Gotta install it all over again.

Grrr.. It's torturing!!

More extra hot latte, please.


GMG said...

Don't worry. Just fix it and we'll wait to see you back. Anyhow, we know it will be worth while...
Take care

ym said...

kekeke... virus are pain... :P
hope that ur installation wun be so pain...
hated it when i really need to format my machine... but after awhile... will get used to it... lalala... ur lappy is so nice... :P i want!~!

Emily Lin said...

Gmg: I think it's ok now. And I'm glad she's back to my arms again, safely. :D

Ym: So sorry for troubling you. And thank you sooo much for helping me out formatting it. Oh I think you still prefer MAC Book tho my lappy is quite "petite" as what you've said, right? :p :p