Friday, June 22, 2007

Hunting for the red

Once upon a time, there was a green creature which looked somewhat like Shrek at the Kingdom of Near Near Somewhere.

He's tiny whiny with the height of 3 inches. [merely]

His name is Keroro. He was hungry so he wanted to hunt some food to eat.

But he couldn't find any. He only eats food with color of red.

So he looked here and there.

Out of a sudden, he noticed a reflection of red behind a giant transparent blue sculpture.

"Oh look!! It's a giant strawberry!"

He relieved.

He then eaten the strawberry for nearly a year.

Then he died - because of food poisoning.

So long goodbye, Keroro.

May you rest in peace.


ah yuan said...

Poor Keroro!! I just noticed he's blonde as well! LOL

Peter said...

That was a funny, but sad, story!

mauvaa said...

Keroro's eyes are so sweet!

-∵| åh-†ёh² |∴- said...

u r interested in Keroro also ??
so sweet...haha~