Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm not dead. I'm all fine. More than fine.

Lately I have been quite free but just didn't have the urge of updating my fulled-with-spider-wed blog.

So before I get into a lazy bummy again, I'm gonna show you guys some of my not-so-boring-but-yet-it's-kinda daily life.

One week ago, my friend Teresa and Lit Shiuan had come to Kajang to stay over at my house. Guess what? Of course for the alluring taste of Satay! But before eating Satay we had something else.

Did some shopping at Tesco. Of course with some cam-whoring as well. :p

At Ichiban Ramen enjoying my Chicken Katsu Don.

And some cam-whoring as usual. We just couldn't help it. :p

Anyhow, we went to the Restaurant Malaysia, our famous Kajang Satay stall, to enjoy the satay.
Seems like my sister was enjoying sipping the coconut water.

After the satay escapade, we went to Ampang hill for enjoying the whole KL night view. Sorry for dragging Lit Shiuan along with us as he had started feeling sleepy already.

On the way back, we stopped by a mamak stall for a drink. While we were chatting along, we heard a car engine sound coming from an old-looking car which stopped by somewhere near to us.

We could hardly see anything inside the car because it was all blurred by air-cond or may be... smoke?!

I even made a joke that the person inside the car was trying to commit suicide by redirecting the running-engine car's exhaust back inside the cabin with a hose.

Mana tau... [Who knows..]

It's true!!

People started to approach the car as some smoke had spread out from the front engine part. The sound of accelerator still continuing and getting louder and louder.

A Malay guy suddenly opened the door.

Guess what... It's UNLOCK!

AND a guy was sitting inside STILL PEDALING on the accelerator! Eventually those Malay guys asked him to come out from the car as the car seems going to explode on anytime but the guy just looking blankly to them.

One of the crowd pulled him out from the car. His body was stiffed when he was pulled out from the car and the lower part of his eyes were black. I think it's a result of inhaling too much gas.

I was standing somewhere distance from the scene, hoping and praying the guy will be alright; at the same time was afraid of ANYTHING that might be happened.

After some time, the guy finally stood up, and sit into the car, and started to accelerate again by pressing on the accelerator!!

I was like... what the hell?!

Anyway, the people started to get a bit nervous again. But after10 seconds, the guy [looked like a late-middle-age] got out from the car, and stopped pressing on the accelerator.

Now you guess what he did on the next seconds?

Let me tell you: He walked to the mamak stall and sat down. Before we could act anything he just ordered a drink!! I guess he needs some drink to cool his mind down.


Funny?! Oh well it's so awkward!

Anyway, what I'm trying to tell you guys here is: Never ever try to commit suicide. It's not going to solve anything.


Have you guys watched Transformers? It's awesome! I've never thought Transformers can be so funny. I thought it's some boring-cars-transformed-into-robots movie. But I was totally wrong. It's far more interesting than I ever imagine.

Before went to the cinema, we stopped by Chili and chatted for 2 hours. 6 of us couldn't stop chatting and making fun of each other. It was the first outing together with Jasmyin [my lovely housemate] and Antoine [a cute French guy from Lille].

Bud Beer? I wished I had one. But all I had was bottomless coke. :(

Here's Antoine. Currently doing internship in our uni. He's got the bluest eyes I've even seen!

Here's Teresa. I wonder what she was looking at?

And of course the cute Jasmyin.

And Billy the Glamorous. Haha.

Lastly, some sweet kisses from my lovely sis.


narrowband said...

You didn't take any photos of the scenery from atop Ampang Hill? (Little Genting, as most of us would call it). Very nice KL night skyline!

Wow you witnessed an attempted suicide! Geee... and that guy seemed pretty restless too huh. Like can't wait to die. He should've just driven straight into a ravine or river or something. It's much faster and more efficient. lol.

Ahh, I see you came from Ky's. But there's Jasmyin! What a small world... haha!

Emily Lin said...

Of course I did. But the pictures were sucks. Well, I brought the SLR along with me WITHOUT a tripod. Duh. So the pictures turned out really blurred because of the slower shutter speed + hand-shake. We had even tried "human tripod" but we failed eventually. :(

That was a scary experience. Anyway he should have gone somewhere else THAN in front of a mamak. My friend said he didn't joined the hose from the exhaust. He just stepped on the accelerator, trying to kill himself by using the gas from the air-cond. I think it would be effortless because it's ages for killing himself in that way.

You're from MMU, aren't you? :p

Peter said...

I really enjoyed reading this story, seeing you and your friend enjoy yourselves (not mentioning the suicide part of the story)!

Referring to yesterday's comment: Yes "Walk the Line" is clearly worth seeing. I'm not a 100% Johnny Cash fan, but a lot is nice, and the film is quite good!

Teresa said...

hey!!you are prohibited to put my picture up without my permission ok..hmmm..

narrowband said...

That attempted suicide was probably 'for show' oni lar. Tayang tayang lor. If he had the guts he'd have done it like a man. Haha.

Anyway, yes I am from MMU. Well, was, now.

Emily Lin said...

Peter: well, I should catch out this movie soon! Thanks for recommending. :)

Teresa: Just one or two pictures of you lah.. You posted my picture also what. :p

Narrowband: *nod nod*

Drama Div@ said...

It probably was a bad suicide attempt.... he is such a moron!!

walk the line, the movie.. i've watched it before bcoz of Reese Witherspoon who played the no-nonsence June!! A great flick, without any doubt!!

Peter said...

Did your sister copy your haircut or did you...?

Emily Lin said...

Drama Diva: It was the worst ever, perhaps? :p And Oh well I will definitely check it out! (I mean the movie, of course!:p)

Peter: It's weird if I tell you this - we've got the sister-sister sixth sense. We decided to go with this haircut at the same time. Well, believe it or not!! =))

Mandy said...

now that is a new word to add to my vocabulary

Peter said...

Of course I believe you Emily! Anyhow, amazing!

Peter said...

Time to show that you are "more than fine" again!!!

Emily Lin said...

Peter: I'm really more than fine but still not having the enough time to blog. Anyhow, I'll be blogging again in just a minute or so. :p And surely I'll be visiting your amazing blog in as soon as I got back from meeting with my friends. :)

Peter said...

How long are your minutes?